Resorts near Vellore : Things to Do & Stay

A lot of people come to Vellore as it is the leather hub if India. The city has some of the biggest and most prominent tanneries in the nation and is home to many big leather manufacturing centers and associated industries. If you visit Vellore for business and are looking for a good resort, you should consider the option of staying in nearby Tirupati, which is an exciting and interesting travel destination that is worth visiting.

Getting to Tirupati

From Vellore, one can reach Tirupati easily by road. The distance is only about 100 Kms that can be covered in 2 hours. To get to Tirupati from Vellore, one takes Highway NH40 and then NH140 for a smooth journey dotted with interesting eateries and rest stops. One can also take the train or bus as Tirupati is well equipped with all forms of public transport including an airport in Renigunta that is only 15 Kms away from the city.

The distance and travelling time is short enough to enable people to stay in Tirupati and commute to Vellore on a daily basis or visa versa. If you are travelling to Vellore, you can stay in Tirupati or take a few days out of your schedule to visit Tirupati after your work is done.

Things to do in Tirupati:

Sri Venkateshwara Temple: This is the most important and famous temple in Tirupati and a must visit place if you are in the area. The traditional way to reach the temple is to trek along a carefully constructed route used by pilgrims. Travelling on this route is as important as the temple itself as the trek is about 12 Kms long and has 3550 steps.

Sri Venkateshwara National Park: A large Zoological Park located near the Venkateshwara Temple, this area has lush green forests and boasts of many rare and interesting animal species including some big cats and beautiful birds that are worth checking out. The total area covered by this park is more than 5500 acres and animals such as elephants, sambar deer, leopards, lions, wild boar, white tiger, crocodiles and black bear can be found here.

Kapila Theertham: This is a temple dedicated to lord Shiva located next to a very pretty waterfall. The temple is located at the mouth of a natural cave in the steep rock front and looks very impressive when you enter. The waters of the waterfall fall directly into the temple lake and there is an impressive statue of a bull that greets devotees who come here. The bull is called Nandhi and is said to be the steed of Lord Shiva himself.

Kapila Theertham

Talakona Waterfall: This is a beautiful natural waterfall that is over 270 feet tall, making it the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. It is located inside the Sri Venkateswara National Park and is very close to the Siddeswara Swamy temple. The waters of the waterfall are said to have miraculous curative properties, prompting many to bathe under it while others come to explore the area and picnic near its footprint.

Chandragiri Palace and Fort: This is an impressive fort with a refined architecture that was the capital of the powerful Vijayanagar Empire. It was the place where the kings of the empire lived and has all the spaces required for a truly Royal lifestyle. Interestingly, the fort has different sections for men and women and the area where the king stayed, called the Raja Mahal, was sectioned off from the Rani Mahal where the queen would stay.

Iskcon Guesthouse: Located inside the large and lavish Iskcon complex in Tirupati, the Iskcon Guesthouse is a place where guests can stay overnight. As you can imagine, there is a lot of demand for these rooms but if you can get a booking, it is worth staying here for its peaceful vibes, pristine environment and great hospitality. Inside, there is a pure vegetarian restaurant called Govindas and many ceremonies that guests can participate in.

Where to Stay

If you are looking for a good resort in Tirupati for a family vacation, you should check out the Lake Valley Resort and Spa located just a few miles from the city center. This resort is surrounded by forests and has an interesting architecture, luxurious rooms, great North Indian and local cuisine along with a great location from where to explore Tirupati and surrounding areas. The resort also has a very impressive spa that features some traditional and international treatments at reasonable prices.

Resorts near Vellore

The best part of the resort is the Royal Suites, which come with a balcony where guests can sit and admire the view. These rooms are very spacious and have all the modern fittings and fixtures designed for a comfortable stay for the whole family. The larger suites are perfect for big families and groups while there are some stand-alone villas that are also a good option. Regardless of where you stay, a stay at the Lake View Resort will surely be a great experience.

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